Let's create the life you crave to live.

Do you feel like it's time for a change or a new perspective? I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

What's your purpose in life? 

Are you looking for more happiness and fulfillment? 

Do your relationships drain you, or are they a source of energy? 

 Are you struggling with a job that’s not aligned with your passions? 

Do you actively "design" your life? Do you feel like the author of your own life story?

As your coach, I can help you find what you need to lead the life you crave to live.

“Julia was great to work with. I did both in-person and online meetings with her. As I was navigating which path I would like to take in the future, I needed someone who could help me understand my values and visualize options.

By the end of our sessions, I had a clear path forward. I felt confident in the next steps I was taking and I knew that I had really weighed all of the options, including how they match with my values and life goals. 
I am so much more optimistic about my future."

Sophia N.

“Julia is such an empathetic and warm person. When I contacted her I was outwardly very successful in my professional life, but didn't have any sense of fulfillment. I was frustrated and burnt out and my wife suggested I get help.

Julia showed me how to finally let go of old negative habits and thinking patterns that had been holding me back for so long. I gained clarity about what actually matters to me, and can now show up as my true authentic self. I feel at ease now and gained a great sense of inner peace."

Sebastian N.

“I was stuck in a dating pattern where I always attracted guys that were emotionally unavailable, and I was so frustrated and heart-broken. Julia made me see that I was reenacting a pattern I had learned in my childhood. Letting go of the anger toward my distant father helped me finally understand the red flags I had never wanted to see before. I feel much more confident that I'll be able to meet an emotionally available and healthy partner soon. How Julia uncovered that connection was incredible!
I would never have gotten there on my own."

Maria L.


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Systemic Coaching

Through my coaching sessions (via video call or in person in Berlin), you will gain...

  • A feeling of "I got this, finally!"
  • A better understanding of your priorities
  • Clarity on how to make the necessary changes in your life
  • A clear path towards your goals
  • Improved well-being and greater happiness

We all have a passion. 
Supporting people in finding their path to happiness is mine!